This training in optical impression of two sessions is provided in the following conditions.

first Session : 

The first session is done during the installation of the machine where the trainer provides information on the first basic techniques of optical scanning to allow the user to become familiar with the use of a taking optical impression device in "normal" use conditions.

Some theoretical basics are taught or reminded to locate the WOOX on TRIOS 3SHAPE in time and space into the economics, technical and social.

A description of the various software options is provided to allow the practitioner trained to overcome its possible questions deal with possible "dead ends" software.

Second session: 

The second session was held after the first month of practice.

On the occasion of the second training session, the trainer analyzes the "difficulties" that the user was able to meet, answers and guide the issues and concerns and helps achieve complex cases of optical impression taken to allow the user to be lapped to the use of a "workflow" fully digital.