CAD°X in some words :

The dental world is experiencing an unprecedented transformation..

With an excellent team, CAD°X  is there to support you in this transformation and help you to succeed.

By bringing dentists and dental technicians togheter,  CAD°X has taken by mission to follow these two professions in the digitization of their knowledge..

Now that the wOOx * democratized through even more efficient and more ergonomic scanners, the first link in the digital chain will help to reveal the full potential..

Our experience in woox* and workflow** allows us to bring to the dentists and staff in the dental office ,the clinical and technical-administrative mastery of the intraoral scanners and their digital path.

We aim to raise the blur prevailing around the STL file. Open, semi-open or closed, it is imperative to measure all the ingredients of the problem of workflow** !

We are there to allow you to see more clearly and invest knowingly.

The risk to consider wOOx * as a photo booth is great.

Aware of this risk, CAD°X has developed a pedagogy and tools that allows to the scanners users to adopt the best body language and acquire the minimum computer literacy linked to wOOx * and workflow **.

The goal is to increase productivity and fun to change the method.

CAD°Xmakes of clinical training wOOx * his spine, it also offers many other services in controlling workflow ** to clarify and streamline the electronic exchange between offices and dental laboratories. That they are independent or integrated in the dental office, we work to ensure that every part measures well both the potential and the limits of human and technical equipment available.

The purpose of CAD°X is to make the shortest possible learning curve ensuring decrease stressors. 

Our preference is to train current and future scanners holders underleur cabinet, avec their patients in usual clinical conditionstheirdental chair.

The very strong experience of our trainers and wOOx workflow allows them to pass on their knowledge, practitioner to practitioner, appreciated by professionals, as is the case of those who have already benefited from their support.

Support you in your projects and winx *cad-cam***, is the purpose of CAD°X.

By giving us your trust, we will need to satisfy you.

*woox = taking intraoral optical impression

**workflow =workflow / digital

***cad (cao) = computer aided designer (conception assistée par ordinateur)

***cam (fao) = computer aided manufacturer (fabrication assistée par ordinateur)